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Cavalor Derma Wash

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Cavalor ® Derma Wash is a deep cleaning shampoo containing chlorhexidine, used to wash horses that have flaky skin, dull coats or a skin condition. It’s the ideal shampoo to wash new arrivals in the yard. Don’t forget: a horse’s coat mirrors its internal health. A dull coat can be caused by a problem from within, causing nutrients to not be properly absorbed. Besides its use as a shampoo, Cavalor ® Derma wash can also be used to clean blankets, saddle pads, leather, etc.

Apply a small amount (± 30 ml) of Cavalor ® Derma Wash in a pail of lukewarm water, and apply directly on the whole body or affected skin with a sponge.

Let it soak for a short while and carefully rinse with water afterwards.

To avoid skin problems, it can be a good idea to wash the horse with Cavalor ® Derma wash monthly, or after intensive contact with other horses (camps or walks for instance).

Cavalor ® Derma Wash can also be used to disinfect your tack or other equipment.

Use 30 ml of Cavalor ® Derma Wash in your washing machine instead of detergent to clean textile. Use Cavalor ® Derma Spray to clean wounds or genitals.

Caution: for external use only.

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