LeMieux Stealth Air Black XC Boots
LeMieux Stealth Air Black XC Boots
LeMieux Stealth Air Black XC Boots

LeMieux Stealth Air Black XC Boots


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–  Stealth Shoc XC boot – The latest in cutting edge protection & style!

–  The latest energy absorbing technology with impact responsive smart layer and the breathable cage-mesh shell promotes ventilation and avoids heat build up.

–  Ultra light weight with minimal water retention and soft friction free inner lining.

–  The durable, ultra-grip Velcro moulds easily around the boot and can be trimmed to allow for fine tuning of fit.

–  Twin layer elasticated middle strap provides optimum fit and support.

–  Available in Black, Benetton Blue and Burgundy.

Please be aware that correct fitting is essential for the optimum use of Stealth XC boots. To achieve a safe & secure fit these cross-country boots need to be put on firmly.
Remove from packaging and squeeze the strike guards between fingers to shape prior to putting on. The guards are often flattened when packaged and need to be made more pliable for best fitting.
1.  Place the strike guard at the back of the tendon with a cupped hand.
2.  Firmly apply the top, middle and bottom straps in succession
3.  Once happy with position of boots go back and re-tighten the middle moulding-strap with its elasticated section. This is very important as it takes up any slack in the boot where the leg is narrower and prevents rotation.
4.  The bottom strap should be slightly angled down to ensure best fit round the fetlock.
Note: Due to the structure of the boot and the nature of the Shoc Impact Responsive material it is difficult to over-tighten these boots.

Size of Horse

Size FrontSize Hind
Large PonySmall FrontSmall Hind
Cob/Small HorseSmall Front / Medium FrontMedium Hind
HorseMedium FrontMedium Hind
Large Hind
WarmbloodLarge FrontLarge Hind

These measurements are given as a guide only, each individual horse may vary.


Additional information

Weight2 kg

Large-Front, Large-Hind, Medium-Front, Medium-Hind


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