Nemeth Redhide Bullwhip – 12 Plait


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• Nemeth Stockwhips are crafted in Australia by tradesmen with a lifetime’s experience in whip making.
• All leather used in the making is specially tanned to give years of service.
• A Stockwhip is a hand crafted item and requires care in the use and maintenance to get the best life out of it.
• The cracker and the fall of a whip are sacrificial items, they are both replaceable and do become damaged through constant use or misuse.
• Cracking the whip on concrete and bitumen does a lot of damage and should be avoided.
• If the cracker comes off, replace it immediately.
• Prolonged use of the whip without the cracker will shorten the life of the fall considerably.
• The regular use of a reputable leather dressing on the thong and fall will help to extend the life of the whip.
• If your whip becomes wet, let it dry naturally.

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7'x12 Plait, 8'x12 Plait, 9'x12 Plait


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