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transportation, breaking in, a change of environment (such as agistment) or from any other cause. Your intimate knowledge of your horse’s moods and behaviour places you in the best position to determine whether SOOTHA NERVES & STRESS should be administered.

Scientific literature indicates that deficiencies of B-group vitamins and magnesium can lead to symptoms including excitability, muscular twitching, diarrhoea and muscle stiffness.  Vitamin B6 deficiencies have been reported to produce neurological abnormalities resembling epilepsy.   Feeding these nutirents to horses helps restore normal nervous function and produce a soothing effect.

Tryptophan has also been shown to be effective as a mood stabiliser, particularly in conjunction with magnesium and vitamin B6. Even horses whose diets do not lack these nutrients may show reduced symptoms of stress when their diets are supplemented with SOOTHA NERVES & STRESS.

Stress has an immediate effect on horses’ intestines, increasing the rate food passes through, reducing the ability to digest food and leaving the gut more susceptible to infection by harmful bacteria (which often cause scouring and diarrhoea).  SOOTHA NERVES & STRESS contains Protexin which floods the intestine with millions of beneficial gut bacteria to restore the correct balance while countering harmful pathogenic organisms.

SOOTHA NERVES & STRESS works to overcome both the causes and effects of stress in horses, helping to correct behavioural problems which can prevent horses reaching their full potential.

Mix SOOTHA NERVES & STRESS thoroughly throughout feed according to the following dose rates; Horses (450kg) 30g/day. Horses under stress 45g/day. Ponies 15g/day. (Enclosed level scoop holds approximately 30g). For picky eaters, it may be advisable to introduce at a lower level and gradually increase to the full dose.

For very difficult horses, the 30g dose may be fed twice daily for 2-5 days.

For nervy horses, the best approach is to use SOOTHA NERVES & STRESS daily while ever the source of stress is present.

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