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n the manufacture of Sandy Bryant’s Wonder Horse Mixture the “needed mineral” is attached to an organic compound that will protect the mineral from being tied up by other minerals and compounds in the horse’s diet that may hinder or prevent its adsorption by the horse.

When your horse fails to meet expectations and performance is down, a lack of essential trace minerals and vitamin B12 can be contributing factors. Also climatic conditions, poor quality pasture, a lack of pasture, and poor quality supplementary feed will all contribute to limiting the nutrient intake available for your horse.

Sandy Bryant’s Wonder Horse Mixture is a concentrated organic liquid designed to be administered to horses as a “ONCE WEEKLY” treatment routine. The Wonder Horse formulaprovides a nutritional balance of essential minerals with Vitamin B12 that will fit in with the typical diets and horse feed mixes used over a broad spectrum of breeds and work applications.

Specific amounts of these essential trace minerals are crucial for the normal growth and sustained well being of your horse. These essential trace minerals have various functions such as forming skeleton, adjusting an osmotic pressure within the body, maintaining an acid-base balance of the body fluids, and acting as an activator in an enzymatic system or a constituent of the enzyme itself.

These essential trace minerals have to be supplied to your horse from external sources since they are not synthesized in the body of the horse. These minerals are contained in the feed stuff and water consumed by your horse. However, these essential trace minerals are not always available in sufficient quantity in the feed or water.

Supplementation of these essential trace minerals is usually carried out with the addition to the feed of INORGANIC MINERAL SALTS in the form of chlorides, sulfates, nitrates, phosphates and carbonates.

However, the adsorption rate of inorganic minerals in the body of a horse is very low, and excessive amounts of minerals are fed to the horse. These unabsorbed minerals pass out of the horse in faeces and urine. The greater percentage of the administered minerals and your hard earned money are wasted.

Now with the introduction of Sandy Bryant’s Wonder Horse Mixture it is possible to solve the problem presented when a horse is given essential trace minerals by the conventional use of inorganic minerals.

Organic Minerals as presented in Sandy Bryant’s Wonder Horse Mixture as Organically Stabilised Minerals may be highly absorbed in a living body. Because of the high adsorption rate of these organic minerals in a living body such as the horse, a relatively small amount oforganically stabilised minerals when included in your horse’s feed stuff once a week, fulfills the metabolic requirements of trace minerals.

Essential Trace Minerals provided by the Sandy Bryant’s Wonder Horse Mixture are stored in various organs (including the liver) of the horse thus creating a valuable reserve which the horse can draw upon as and when the need arises.

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  1. Erica

    Love this product for all my horses young and old, great results

  2. Erica

    Absolutely love this product!! Fantastic results in a short period of time. Will continue to use this product on all my horses ❤️

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